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Ura Twin Block System

expect a beautifully aligned bite that is permanent after only 6-9 months.
What Is Functional/Twin Block Appliance?

This appliance is used to move your teeth and jaws, it is done by the muscles in your face. The brace will hold your lower jaw forward; this will in time improve your profile of your face. Where your teeth stick out the distance is called the over jet then in time this will be reduced. This will only be achieved it you wear the brace at all times.

This brace is not the easiest to wear and will take time to get use to. The muscles in your face will ache at first, but over time this will fade once you get use to it. The appliance is quite bulky but over time your mouth will adjust to having the appliance. You will also need to get use to speaking with it in your mouth, you will soon get to grips with it!

You will need to sleep with the appliance as you need to keep it in as long as possible to get the full benefit from it. The length of time to wear the brace will usually be about 9 months, but this can vary.

(URA) Upper Removable Appliances

A URA consists of a removable orthodontic plate that fits the upper teeth and palate. It may include springs to move individual teeth around, a wire to push some teeth back. One of their jobs is to widen the upper jaw and make room for the developing teeth to come through in a better position. They are not very good at straightening of the teeth, but can make limited improvements. They are more effective in eliminating bite.

How Long Will It take Me To Adjust To Wearing My Brace?

For the first few days it may feel a little uncomfortable, and you might find it a little difficult to talk and eat with the brace in your mouth. But don’t worry; you’ll quickly adjust to wearing your twin block brace.

When Do I Need To Wear My Brace?

Your twin block brace is an important part of your treatment, and should be worn day and night. Wear it during meals unless instructed not to do so, and only take it out for brushing your teeth, playing contact sports (like rugby and hockey) and swimming. It is also best to remove your brace when playing a wind instrument.

How Should I Remove My Twin Block Brace?

Remove your twin block brace carefully, by gently pulling down on the back clips of the top brace, and up on the back clips of the lower brace. When you are not wearing your brace, remember to keep it in its protective box.

Reasons To Take Retainers Out

  • When taking part in physical contact sports, i.e. rugby, football, hockey because you will need to wear a sports guard.
  • When swimming – to avoid losing your brace whilst in the water.
  • Cleaning of the brace must be done after every meal. We advise that you purchase a cleaning pack from your orthodontic practice, and only use recommended cleaning products on the brace.


You can clean your brace with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. The brace also needs to be cleaned with Retainer Brite solution 4-5 times a week.


Most patients will see quick results after the twin block appliance is put in and can expect a beautifully aligned bite that is permanent after only 6-9 months.

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