See Through Retainers

Instructions on Vacuum Shaped Retainers (Essixes)

Now that your teeth are straight your retainers and the frequency you wear them are a very crucial part to maintain your straight teeth and your correct bite. If you do not follow these instructions your teeth WILL move!
You can now use your normal toothbrush as opposed to the brace toothbrushes you used when you had your braces.

When do I wear these retainers? You wear your retainers for the first two to four weeks FULL TIME, 24 HOURS, day and night including when you are sleeping. After that you need to wear them at bedtime only, until your orthodontist advises you otherwise. You should not cut down wearing them unless advised by your orthodontist.

When can I take them out? You can take out your retainers on the following occasions:
1. When you are eating
2. When you are drinking
3. When you are brushing your teeth
4. During contact sports only
5. When you are swimming

How can I make sure I do not lose or damage them? You need to either make a hard box for them or you can buy one from the reception. When the retainers are out of your mouth, even for a few minutes, you must put them in the box otherwise you will lose or break them. There will be a charge for making new retainers. Your teeth will get crooked again without them. The common mistake is to put your retainers in your pocket or wrap them in tissues. Do not leave your retainers within reach of dogs even when in the box. They love to chew them! If your teeth move, you may need to wear braces again for which you may have to pay.

How can I clean them? On a daily basis, you need to rinse them under cold water. They should not come in contact with warm water and you should not brush them with a toothbrush as they get distorted. If you would like to, you can use a soft brush like a small cooking or paint brush to clean them. You need to use a special cleaner like “Retainer Brite ®” at least once a week. It comes with instructions and you can buy it from the reception. Currently, it is difficult to get hold of them from the pharmacies.

Do I need to come back to check my retainers? Yes! You usually come back in 3 months time to have your teeth and your retainers checked. Please make sure you attend your appointment as if you miss your appointment, we will not contact you to make a new one. If there are any problems with your retainers you need to contact the practice ASAP! Remember, if you do not wear your retainers even for a short period of time, your teeth will move!
Remember to always bring your retainers to your appointments even if you have chosen not to wear them. Your retainers must be checked in your mouth every time you come.